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JULES meetings

Information about the JULES Science Meetings

The JULES community has regular science meetings where researchers working with JULES are invited to present results. Anyone with an interest in JULES is welcome to attend. These meetings are an excellent opportunity to showcase work using (or relevant to) JULES and meet fellow researchers using JULES. Members of the JULES community are strongly encouraged to attend if possible.

In the past, JULES science meetings have generally taken place over two days, with delegates arriving for lunch on the first day and leaving after lunch the following day. They are usually divided into four sessions, with two on the afternoon of the first day and two on the morning of the second day (separated by coffee breaks, of course!). It is usual for participants to meet up for dinner in the evening, although this is not normally included in the conference fee.

For those unable to attend the meetings, the presentations from the meetings will usually be made available for download from this site.

Next JULES meeting

The next JULES science meeting will be held in summer 2017. More information available soon.