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JULES Science Meeting, January 2008

Presentations from the JULES Science Meeting held in January 2008

Introduction to projects which involve JULES

QUERCC Rosie Fisher
QUAAC Juliette Lathiere
WATCH Richard Harding
AMMA Chris Taylor

Description of physics modules currently in JULES

Surface Exchange Martin Best
Snow Cover Richard Essery
Surface Hydrology and Soil Moisture & Temperature Nic Gedney
Plant Physiology Stephen Sitch
Vegetation Dynamics Rosie Fisher
Soil carbon and Nitrogen Pete Smith

Description of physics modules planned for JULES

Crop Modelling Tim Wheeler
Biogenic Fluxes Juliette Lathiere
Fire Colin Prentice
Data Assimilation Mathew Williams

Science Talks

Benchmarking for JULES Eleanor Blyth
Data requirements Pier Luigi Vidale
ED-JULES Rosie Fisher
Representing JULES in XML Robert Muetzelfeldt
What are the future big science questions for JULES?
Breakout discussion groups followed this presentation
Peter Cox