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JULES launch event

Presentations from the JULES launch event

A meeting was held at Reading University Meteorology Department on October 2nd, 2006, to launch the JULES model. The meeting was attended by 60 scientists from across the UK (and one from the US). The morning saw examples of work and results by people who have used JULES. The afternoon was an overview of how senior scientists in the UK land surface modelling community see the development of JULES going over the next few years. The following list gives the speakers at the launch.

The following talks were given at the meeting:

JULES overview Eleanor Blyth (CEH, Wallingford)
The validation of JULES against observational data Rito Stockli (Colorado State University)
Radiation penetration through plant canopies Lina Mecardo (CEH)
Snow processes in JULES Andrew Wiltshire (University of Durham)
Global impact of seasonal to inter-annual LAI Richard Ellis (CEH)
The European carbon balance of the 20th Century Chris Jones (Met Office)
An overview of QUEST and the QUEST-ESM
Colin Prentice (University of Bristol)
QUERCC and JULES Ian Woodward (University of Sheffield)
The CLASSIC use of JULES Peter Cox (University of Exeter)
JULES in CEH Richard Harding (CEH)
JULES and the Met Office: future plans Olivier Boucher (Met Office)
Use of JULES for impact studies Richard Betts (Met Office)