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JULES Science Meeting, July 2014

Information about the JULES Science Meeting held in July 2014, hosted by the University of Leicester

The following presentations were given at this meeting:

Tropospheric ozone impacts on Eurasian ecosystems and climate forcing S. R. Arnold
JULES and permafrost E. Burke
A new JULES version with improved physical processes in the Arctic S. Chadburn
Update on JULES-ECOSSE-FUN D. Clark
Quantifying the relative importance of natural and anthropogenic land cover changes in the Representative Concentration Pathways T. Davies-Barnard
Persistence of snow in forests and clearings R. Essery
50 Shades of Clay- JULES gets Soil Tiled R. Gilham
JULES: New plant functional types, vegetation dynamics and drought impacts A. Harper
Evaluating DGVM performance for the Amazon basin with new baseline maps of tropical forest properties M. Johnson
Fitting the seasonal cycle with adJULES T. Jupp
Analytical determination of the carbon cycle equilibrium in coupled climate and carbon cycle models J. Kaduk
UK Environmental Prediction H. Lewis
A new multi-disciplinary institute of forest research and a new ten-year+ experiment in environmental resilience...potential for future collaborative work R. MacKenzie
Photosynthesis limiting regimes A. Manrique-Suñén
JULES validation and flux partitioning for large-scale basins L. Papadimitriou
JULES versions M. Pryor (presented by R. Gilham)
Assimilating EO data into JULES T. Quaife
Deforestation fires increase Amazon forest productivity through changes to diffuse radiation A. Rap
It is now possible to measure soil moisture at sub-kilometer scale using cosmic-­ray neutrons R. Rosolem
Modelling carbon dioxide flux at an intensively cultivated lowland peatland in East Anglia, UK H. Wang
JULES-crop - A generic parametrisation of crops in JULES K. Williams
Representing urban vegetation in weather and climate models D. T. Young