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JULES Science Meeting, June 2007

Presentations from the JULES Science Meeting held in June 2007

General Session

JULES Introduction Olivier Boucher
New features in JULES version 2 Doug Clark
Land surface modelling for ACCESS in Australia Ying Ping Wang
The CSIRO Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) Eva Kowalczyk
Surface exchange, Technical development and Validation Martin Best
Modelling hydrology in JULES; past, present and future Eleanor Blyth

Plant Physiology, Vegetation Dynamics and Crop Modelling

Introduction - Plant Physiology, Vegetation Dynamics and Crop modelling Stephen Sitch
Roots, shoots and leaves: The origin of GLAM(-JULES) Andrew Challinor
Incorporating crop growth modelling into JULES Tom Osbourne
The Ecosystem Demography model Rosie Fisher
Vegetation Response to Drought David Galbraith
Photosynthesis/Light interception Lina Mercado
Large scale green-up models determined from NDVI Joerg Kaduk
Modelling Plant Nitrogen Josh Fisher

Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Biogenic fluxes

Introduction Pete Smith
Oliver Wild
Progress in coupling Soil C and N routines into JULES Chris Jones
Pete Falloon
Jo Smith
Kevin Coleman
Bente Foereid
Stephen Sitch
Andy Whitmore
Testing the soil C & N routines for use in JULES in the QUERCC project Matt Aitkenhead
Bente Foereid
Jo Smith
Pete Smith
Soil C:N:P stoichiometry as a means to constrain decomposition Nick Ostle
Naill McNamara
Richard Bardgett
Eva Tregidgo
Margaret Glendining
Goetz Richter
Modelling Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from the Terrestrial Biosphere Juliette Lathiere
Effects of biogenic emissions on atmospheric composition Paul Young
Trace Gas Deposition: The Land/Atmosphere Interface Mhairi Coyle


Introduction - Fire in the Earth System Allan Spessa
Modeling Fire on the African continent (SPITFIRE in LPJ - GUESS) Veiko Lehsten
Development a prototype fire model for Hadley GCMs Richard Betts
Fires in Russian forests Heiko Balzter
Tropical Peatland Fires Susan Page
Fires, Atmospheric Composition, and Earth System Feedbacks Oliver Wild
Experiments with SEVER-FIRE: Lessons for JULES fire modelling activities Sergey Venevsky

Snow and Hydrology

The effects of soil hydraulic/thermal parameter choice on JULES land surface fluxes and variables; field scale studies Anne Verhoef
Impact of the land surface in modelling climate: The importance of soil physical parameters Pier Luigi Vidale
JULES Snow Module Development Richard Essery
Martin Best
Cecile Menard
Parameterising Heterogeneous Snowcover in JULES Andy Wiltshire
Microwave radiative transfer in a snow pack: Models and experimental objectives for Cold Land Processes Experiment II Chawn Harlow
Peatlands and permafrost in LPJ-WHy Rita Wania

Data assimilation

Data assimilation in land surface schemes Mathew Williams
Assimilating canopy reflectance into an ecosystem model Tristan Quaife