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JULES Science Meeting, June 2009

Presentations from the JULES Science Meeting held in June 2009, hosted by the Met Office

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and housekeeping announcements Olivier Boucher
Introduction to Impacts Theme Richard Betts
Global scale impacts Nigel Arnell

Update on recent work in themes

Urban Mark McCarthy
Maggie Hendry
Plant Physiology Stephen Sitch
Crops Tim Wheeler
Vegetation Dynamics Allan Spessa
Fires Allan Spessa
Snow cover Richard Essery
Surface Hydrology Eleanor Blyth
Soil moisture and temperature Eleanor Blyth
Soil carbon and nitrogen Pete Smith
Data Assimilation Mat Williams
Adjoint of JULES Tim Jupp
Benchmarking and JULES versions Matt Pryor

Breakout groups

A large proportion of this meeting was given over to discussion groups. Richard Betts has assembled a document summarising the results of these discussions.