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JULES Science Meeting, June 2010

Presentations from the JULES Science Meeting held in June 2010, hosted by the University of Leeds

First session

Welcome, meeting plan, introduction and updates Olivier Boucher
Links between climate, hydrology and geomorphology Simon Dadson
Modelling soil heat and water flow as a coupled process Pier Luigi Vidale
Update on snow theme/shrub expansion Cecile Menard

Second session

JULES-crop Josh Hooker
Holistic approaches to modelling crop productivity Andy Challinor
Evaluation of the Suitability of the Land Surface Model JULES for Environmental Change Studies in Belgium Catherine Van den Hoof
JULES climate impacts Richard Betts

Third session

JULES development and benchmarking Matt Pryor
From observational metrics to constraints Ben Booth
Calibration of ADJULES Tim Jupp
Trends in airborne fraction of CO2 Emanuel Gloor

Fourth session

Tropical forests and links to JULES Simon Lewis
Productivity in cloud forests in the Andes Toby Marthews
Impacts of ozone on vegetation: relevance for JULES Harry Harmens
Biogenic emmisions with MEGAN Kirsti Ashworth