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JULES Workshop, June 2011

Details of the JULES workshop held in June 2011, hosted by the University of Exeter

The JULES meeting in June 2011 was conceived as a workshop dedicated to "Identifying and solving systematic errors in JULES". The first day consisted of a series of presentations introducing what are considered to be some of the larger systematic issues with JULES, followed by breakout discussion groups to brainstorm possible solutions. The second day was more practical, with the morning session being spent in the University of Exeter's computer labs trying out potential solutions using JULES (via the R interface developed by Tim Jupp and Cat Luke at the University of Exeter). The meeting concluded with a plenary session where the breakout groups reported back on the results of their experiments.

The following presentations were given:

Structure and aims of the meeting Peter Cox
Land surface representation in HadGEM2-ES Chris Jones
JULES performance against benchmark sites Eleanor Blyth
JULES shortcomings for GCM applications Pier Luigi Vidale
Systematic errors over permafrost Eleanor Burke
Systematic errors in snow Cecile Menard
Introduction to running JULES and ADJULES via R interface Tim Jupp
Cat Luke