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JULES Science Meeting, June 2013

Information about the JULES Science Meeting held in June 2013, hosted by the University of Edinburgh

The following presentations were given at this meeting:

Wednesday 19th June - PM

Module overviews Matt Pryor
Martin Best
Richard Essery
Nic Gedney
Oliver Wild
Lina Mercado
Tom Osborne
Stephen Sitch
Mat Williams
Forest Processes and Land Surface Tiling in the ECMWF model
Gianpaolo Balsamo
Modelling snow with CLASS – a Canadian perspective Paul Bartlett
Forest and albedo in ORCHIDEE
Juliane Otto

Thursday 20th June - AM

Masking of snow albedo by forests in JULES and other models
Richard Essery
Using JULES to understand the SMOS freeze/thaw product over a boreal landscape
Cécile Ménard
On the treatment of soil water stress in LSM simulations of vegetation function
Anne Verhoef
Constraining JULES phenology using MODIS data - an evaluation at multiple FLUXNET sites
Darren Slevin
Forests in JULES: sinks, spaghetti and spots
Chris Jones
JULES and CTESSEL: Representing carbon and energy fluxes in forests
Andrea Manrique Sunen
Global Data Assimilation for the Carbon Cycle: challenges, progress and the future
Mat Williams

Thursday 20th June - PM

R.E.D. - Robust Ecosystem Demography Model: A New DVGM
Stephen Sitch
Evaluating the Coupled Dynamic Vegetation‐Fire‐Emissions Model, LPJ‐GUESS‐SPITFIRE, against EO‐based Tropical Tree Biomass Data: Results and Implications for JULES
Allan Spessa
Fire in JULES - first steps
Richard Gilham
The TOPMODEL Topographic Index In JULES
Toby Marthews
The implementation of lateral flows in stand alone JULES
Heather Ashton
A spectral approach to assessing JULES performance: case study of late twentieth century discharge from the Thames Basin Graham Weedon