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JULES Science Meeting, 30th June - 1st July 2015

Information about the JULES Science Meeting held in June/July 2015, hosted by the University of Reading

The following presentations were given at this meeting:

Evaluation of the CHESS data within JULES for UK Environmental Prediction H. Ashton
Evaluating the Unified Model and JULES simulated land surface temperature (LST) using a multi-platform approach J. Brooke
Permafrost climate feedback - an application of vertically discretised soil carbon E. Burke
Vertically discretised soil carbon in JULES S. Chadburn
River Flow and Inundation in African Rivers S. Dadson
New Benchmarks for Snow R. Essery
Detecting solar dimming in observed river flow N. Gedney
JULES biogeochemistry: Update on model developments A. Harper
Learning from the 2010 Drought in Amazonia A. Harper
JULES and Atmospheric Deposition G. Hayman
The BIFoR woodland FACE experiment - opportunities to evaluate and improve JULES D. Hemming
What can we learn from simulations of the last ice age with JULES P. Hopcroft
The dependence of land-atmosphere interactions on atmospheric parametrizations in the JULES/UM modelling system H. Johnson
Land surface modeling and data assimilation with the NASA Land Information System (LIS) S. Kumar
Quantifying the impacts of tropospheric ozone on crop production at regional scale using JULES-Crop F. Leung
Soils and tropical vegetation structure J. Lloyd
The 2014 drought in the Horn of Africa: attribution of meteorological drivers T. Marthews
Meteorological forcing, ancillary data and evaluation methods as sources of errors and uncertainty in JULES C. Menard
Recent evolutions of ORCHIDEE, progress toward a 3rd generation land surface model P. Peylin
JULES releases: Overview of JULES developments since the last meeting M. Pryor
MAJIC: Expanding access to JULES E. Robinson
Modelling glaciers in the JULES Integrated Impacts Model (JIM) S. Shannon
A closer look at skin layer heat transfer in the surface energy balance A. Verhoef
Cross-spectral evaluation of JULES energy fluxes and soil moisture using half-hourly observations at the Met Office Research Unit, Cardington Bedfordshire. G. Weedon