Evaluation / Benchmarking Tools


Available evaluation tools include: iLAMB, ESMValTool, LVT, Auto-assess and PEcAn (see here for a ppt about these and similar tools). n.b. PALS (Protocol for the Analysis of Land Surface models) has current been withdrawn in anticipation of a relaunch (see here for details).

n.b. some evaluation activities are now happening under the Joint Land Modelling Programme (JLMP).

We at CEH have used ILAMB v2 to evaluate JULESvn4.7 global runs (using the WRR2 configuration: see here) against a series of hydrological EO benchmarking datasets: FLUXNET, FLUXNET-MTE, GLEAM and MODIS for evapotranspiration; ESA-CCI for soil moisture; IMS and GLOBSNOW for snow cover and snow water equivalent; GRACE for terrestrial water storage anomaly; GRDC for runoff; FLUXNET and GBAF for sensible heat.

Previously, JULES vn4.3 was evaluated by CEH together with a range of models as part of the eartH2Observe WRR1 using ILAMB v1 (Schellekens et al., 2017): see here.