JULES Science Meetings

The JULES community has had regular science meetings since 2007, where researchers working with JULES are invited to present results. Anyone with any kind of interest in JULES is welcome to attend. These meetings are an excellent opportunity to showcase work using (or relevant to) JULES and meet fellow researchers using JULES. Members of the JULES community are strongly encouraged to attend if at all possible.

JULES science meetings usually take place over three days, with delegates arriving for lunch on the first day and leaving after lunch on the last day (i.e. two days of actual meeting). There is also usually an evening dinner for participants (not included in the conference fee).



JULES Open Science Meeting 14-16th September 2022

The JULES Meeting 2022 was preceded by a half-day JULES Short Course by Toby Marthews & Emma Robinson PDF icon JULES Half-day Course schedule Sep 2022.pdf

Note that UK Met Office Personnel did not present at this meeting because they were observing the national period of mourning following the death of HRH Elizabeth II.

Timetable: PDF icon JULES_meeting_agenda_2022.pdf

     Session 1 (Rich Ellis and Emma Robinson) 
Rachael TurtonWelcome & Introduction
Patrick McGuire

AMIP-style global soil simulations with JULES and the Unified Model: The role of soil hydraulics model, pedotransfer function, and basic soil property map PDF icon 1_Patrick_McGuire_EtAl_soils_JULES_20220912v4b_withnarrations2.pdf

Noah SmithA (sub-grid) song of ice and thaw PDF icon 2_Smith_Noah_JULES open science meeting 2022 - A song of ice and thaw.pdf
Tristan QuaifeThe role of JULES in the NCEO International Programme PDF icon 3_Quaife_Tristan_JULES22_webversion.pdf
James Weber

Updated Isoprene and Terpene Emission Factors for the Interactive BVOC Emission Scheme (iBVOC) in the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES) PDF icon 1_James_Weber_JULES_22.pdf

Elise DehaenModelling the carbon sink in tropical peatlands PDF icon 2_Elise_Dehaen_website.pdf
Richard Betts / Peter CookUsing JULES to model the Congo Peatlands PDF icon 3_Richard_Betts_JULES_CongoPeat_PCook_RBetts_150922.pdf
André Nakhavali

Representation of the phosphorus cycle in the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator PDF icon 4_Andre_Nakhavali-JULES-meeting-2022.pdf

     Session 2 (Tristan Quaife and Noah Smith) 
Module updates

Surface PDF icon 1_Surface_Module_Ellis_Rich_JULES_Surf_2022_JME.pdf

Hydrology PDF icon 2_JULES-HYDROLOGY Module Update Sep2022 1.pdf

Evaluation PDF icon 3_Evaluation-module-2021-2022-Weedon-Robinson.pdf

Emma LittletonJULES-BE: new options for crop and wood plantations and harvesting in JULES vn7.0 PDF icon 4_Emma_Littleton_20220915_Littleton_JULES-BE.pdf
Arthur ArglesVegetation Demography and Dynamics in a Next-Generation Biogeochemical Scheme PDF icon 5_Arthur_Argles_JR_annual_workshop_AA.pdf
Katie BlackfordRepresenting northern high latitude peat fires in JULES-INFERNO PDF icon 6_Katie_Blackford_peatfires_JULESconf.pdf
Lina MercadoNocturnal plant respiration is under strong non-temperature control
Robert ParkerDeveloping Machine-Learning Based Emulators for the JULES Land Surface Model PDF icon 1_Parker_Rob_jules_emulators.pdf
Elizabeth CooperGrid cell clustering approaches for JULES PDF icon 2_Elizabeth_Cooper_JULES_LRU_2022.pdf
Helen BaronWater Resource Management in JULES PDF icon 3_Baron_Helen_JULES_meeting22_HEB.pdf
Emma RobinsonGeological controls of discharge variability in the Thames Basin, UK from cross-spectral analyses: observations versus modelling PDF icon 4_Robinson Emma - Weedon-et-al-2022-Geological-controls-of-discharge-variability-Thames-Basin-JULES-Annual-meeting.pdf
Toby Marthews

Rivers, inundation and validation against observations PDF icon 5_20220915_Marthews_Rivers_ inundation etc.pdf

     Session 3 (Anna Harper and Elizabeth Cooper) 
Module updates 2

Fire PDF icon 1_JULES Fire Module Update 2022 .pdf

CABLE Science PDF icon 2_CABLE_Module_2022 JULESworkshop .pdf

Biogenic fluxes PDF icon 3_Module ‘Biogenic Fluxes’ Highlights 2022 Emma Robinson.pdf

Vegetation PDF icon 5_Jules veg updates 2022-edited.pdf

Veg3 RED Demography PDF icon 6_veg3_module_update_annual_workshop_AA.pdf


IMOGEN and soil biogeochemistry PDF icon 4_JULES_imogen_soilBGC_2022-Emma Robinson.pdf

Emma RobinsonScience and applications committee update PDF icon 7_Robinson_Emma_-_Science_and_Applications_Committee_update_To_upload.pdf
Garry Hayman

Modelling winter wheat in the UK using JULES Crop PDF icon 8_Hayman_20220916.pdf

Doug Kelley

Steps towards attributing tropical forest carbon loss to fire for informing emission reduction financing buffers PDF icon 9_Doug_Kelley_REDD+_compressed.pdf

Ian HarmanAustralia’s terrestrial carbon balance: Perspectives from multiple configurations of the CABLE-CASA-CNP land model PDF icon 1_Harman_JULES_title_only_slide.pdf
Sandy HarrisonEmpirical modelling of fire regimes and vegetation responses to fire PDF icon 2_Harrison_Sandy_compressed.pdf
Iain Colin PrenticeOptimality-based predictions of global patterns and trends in vegetation cover PDF icon 3_Prentice_Colin_Title_slide_only.pdf
Anna Harper / Karina WilliamsSoil moisture stress JPEG report PDF icon 4_JULES_JPEGupdate_sept2022.pdf
Doug KelleyRelease of the first standard configurations for standalone JULES PDF icon 5_doug_kelley_jules_meeting_2022_HRumbold.pdf
Eleanor BlythReport from Land Surface Modelling Summit 
Rachael TurtonWrap up / Discussion



JULES Remote Open Science Meeting 14-17th September 2021

All sessions held on Microsoft Teams. Timetable: PDF icon JULES Annual Conference 2021 Timetable.pdf

     Session 1: Introduction and module updates (chair: Rachael Turton) 
Sarah ChadburnWelcome, Introduction & House Admin
John Edwards/Rich EllisSurface PDF icon SurfMod_JULES21.pdf
Nic Gedney/Anne VerhoefHydrology
Lina Mercado/Karina WilliamsVegetation
Eleanor Burke/Sarah ChadburnBiogeochemistry PDF icon JULES-soil-biogeochemistry.pdf
Gerd Folberth/Kirsti AshworthBiogenic Fluxes
Chantelle Burton/Doug KelleyFire PDF icon JULES fire module presentation.pdf
Tristan Quaife/Graham WeedonEvaluation
Eleanor Burke/Chris HuntingfordIMOGEN PDF icon JULES-IMOGEN.pdf
Ian Harman/Rachel LawCABLE PDF icon CABLE_module_update_20210914r1.pdf
AllGroup Discussion
     Session 2: JULES and JPEGs updates (chair: Sarah Chadburn, question convenor: Carolina Duran-Rojas) 
Richard GilhamJULES and the Next Generation Modelling System PDF icon JULES & the Next-Generation Modelling System No cubesphere.pdf
Eleanor BurkeJULES-IMOGEN - an intermediate climate model used to represent carbon feedbacks
Doug KelleyJPEG Mortality PDF icon Veg JPEG (1).pdf
Anna HarperJPEG Soil Moisture stress PDF icon JULES_JPEGupdate_sept2021_compressed.pdf
Karina WilliamsJPEG Soil Evaporation PDF icon karinawilliams_jules-soil-evap-jpeg_jules2021meeting_compressed.pdf
Karina WilliamsJPEG JULES Face PDF icon karinawilliams_jules-face-working-group_jules2021meeting-truncated_compressed.pdf
Tristan QuaifeJPEG Canopy Processes
AllJPEG Discussion
Eleanor BlythJULES annual conference September 2022
     Session 3: Biogeochemistry, Biogenic fluxes and Hydrology (chair: Eleanor Burke, question convenor: Joe Clarke) 
Eddy RobertsonHow to spin-up the slow components of JULES PDF icon jules_soil_carbon_spinup.pdf
Matthew WigginsModelling Equilibrium Soil Carbon using JULES PDF icon Modelling_Equilibrium_Soil_carbon_using_JULES_MW_20092021.pdf
Gareth DaveyConsidering water table dynamics may improve models of methane emissions from global wetlands
Sarah ChadburnJULES-Peat: A new approach to simulate peat accumulation,
degradation and stability PDF icon JULESmeeting_2021_Chadburn.pdf
Semeena Shamsudheen & Garry HaymanAtmospheric Dry Deposition in JULES PDF icon JULES_Deposition_SVS_20210915 .pdf
Robert ParkerThe ESA Digital Twin Earth Precursor - Climate Impact Explorer PDF icon rjp23_DTE_JULES_2021_compressed.pdf
AllWelcome to new community members:
● Assumpta Onyeagoziri PDF icon Intro Slide for Jules conf 2021.pdf
● Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco
● Merve Gorguner
     Session 4: Hydrology (chair: Anne Verhoef, question convenor: Liz Cooper) 
Toby MarthewsInundation prediction at global scale using JULES and CaMa-Flood: progress and future challenges PDF icon 20210915_Marthews_river inundation.pdf
Jasdeep AnandA Machine Learning emulator of JULES soil moisture: Applications to African drought PDF icon jsa_julesws_092021_compressed.pdf
Heather RumboldDemonstrating the impact of coupled irrigation over the Iberian semi-arid environment PDF icon jules_meeting_2021_HRumbold_compressed.pdf
Sihan LiSeasonal planning for monsoon-related multi-hazards: using Hydro-JULES to predict landslide susceptibility in Nepal PDF icon JULES_meeting_15sep2021_SihanLi_compressed.pdf
Marcus BuechelPotential hydrological implications of widespread afforestation in Great Britain PDF icon JULES_Conference_150921_Share_compressed.pdf
Noah SmithStrengthening the foundations for explicitly modelling microtopography in permafrost landscapes PDF icon Noah Smith - explicitly modelling microtopograpy - JULES 2021_compressed.pdf
Helen JohnsonIntroducing the freshwater lake model: FLake PDF icon FLake_JULESmeeting2021.pdf
     Session 5: Vegetation and Fire (chair: Anna Harper, question convenor: Simon Jones) 
Martin De KauweExamining the vulnerability of Australian Eucalypts to future drought-induced tree mortality PDF icon JULES_Euc_drought_compressed.pdf
Arthur ArglesJULES RED simulations of forest demography and resilience in Brazil and RED version 2 PDF icon JULES-RED simulations of forest demography and resilience in.pdf
Mike WolffeQuantifying the Impacts of Particulate Matter Deposition on Global Cereal Crops PDF icon JULES Presentation 16-09-21.pdf
Jeremy WaltonFrom Amazon to Desert: Characterizing Biomes using Machine Learning
Rodolfo NóbregaThe use of Earth observation-based methods to enlighten land-surface modelling: evidence for the soil–water stress functions
Rob KingUsing LST-Air Temperature Difference as a metric of Vegetation Moisture Stress
AllWelcome to new community members:
● Timothy Lam PDF icon SelfIntro_JULES_TL.pdf
● Matt Kasoar PDF icon JULES_meeting_2021_MK_intro_slide.pdf
● Anastasios Rovithakis
● Katie Blackford PDF icon JULES_conf_intro_slide.pdf
     Session 6: Vegetation and Fire (chair: Lina Mercado, question convenor: Arthur Argles) 
Wenjia CaiRecent trends and drivers in gross primary production PDF icon JULES_Wenjia Cai_compressed.pdf
Simon JonesNon-structural Carbohydrate at the global scale and their relationship with atmospheric CO2 variability PDF icon Non-structural carbohydrates and the variability of global carbon_compressed.pdf
Giulia MengoliEcosystem photosynthesis in land-surface models: a first-principles approach
Douglas KelleyObservational constraints on future shifts in fire regimes using JULES-ES/ISIMIP2b/ConFire
Chantelle BurtonSouth American fires and their impacts on ecosystems increase with continued emissions PDF icon CBurton_FutureFires.pdf
Lewis PalmerTesting the JULES Model for predicting spatio-temporal variations in stable carbon isotopes over the United Kingdom PDF icon New_JULES_conference3_compressed.pdf
AllGroup Discussion
     Session 7: CABLE, IMOGEN and evaluation (chair: Andy Wiltshire, question convenor: Noah Smith) 
Ian HarmanLand-air interaction within the ACCESS climate models PDF icon Harman_JULES_science_day_2021.pdf
Ewan PinningtonUsing Satellite Observations to Improve Hydrological and Carbon Flux predictions of the JULES Land Surface Model PDF icon pinnington_jules_092021_compressed.pdf
Andy HartleyJULES-ES for ISIMIP: Multi-sectoral climate impacts with JULES PDF icon ISIMIP_evaluation_HARTLEY_JULESmeeting-20210917_compressed.pdf
Chris Huntingford and Garry HaymanInvestigation of the regional effectiveness of methane and land-based mitigation options to meet the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement using an inverted form of the IMOGEN.
AllGroup discussion: Future directions for JULES



 JULES Remote Open Science Meeting 7-11th September 2020

All sessions were held on Zoom 1pm to 3.30pm. During Session 1, a questionnaire was distributed to all attendees Plain text icon JULES community questionnaire.txt File JULES community questionnaire.docx

     Session 1: JLMP, JPEGS, configurations and Updates (chair Chris Jones, question convenor Rachael Turton) 
Eleanor BlythWelcome & Introduction
Andy WiltshireJLMP & GL7 PDF icon JLMP_JULES_AGM_0920.pdf
Chris JonesCarbon Cycle and Nitrogen PDF icon ChrisJones_JULES_Ncycle_Sep2020.pdf

Karina Williams

JPEG - Soil Moisture Stress on Vegetation PDF icon karinawilliams_sm-stress-jpeg_jules2020meeting-compressed.pdf

Anne VerhoefJPEG – Bare soil Evaporation PDF icon ProposedJPEGsoilevaporationSeptember2020.pdf
Doug KelleyJPEG – Mortality PDF icon MortalityJPEG_Monday_compressed.pdf
Eleanor BurkeES and configurations File Further developments of JULES-ES.pptx
Eleanor BlythReview of land surface models – how do we compare?
Rachael Turton

JULES community Update

Module Overview Reports for Surface, Hydrology, Vegetation, Biogeochemistry, Biogenic Fluxes, Technical and/or Evaluation

EveryoneGroup Discussion
- Next steps for current JPEGs
- Proposal of future JPEGs.
- Update on JASMIN
- Getting your science into the model
     Session 2: Soil Physics (chair Eleanor Burke, question convenor Sarah Chadburn) 
Eleanor BlythUpdate on published papers from 2019/2020
Ewan PinningtonImproving soil moisture prediction of JULES using data assimilation with SMAP satellite observations PDF icon pinnington_julesmeet_2020_send.pdf
Walter ThompsonImproving the estimation of canopy interception in Great Britain PDF icon 2020_Jules_Science_Meeting_WT02.pdf
Jian PengSoil Moisture and Earth Observation
Patrick McGuireImproving the global modeling of soils in JULES and the Unified Model PDF icon McGuireEtAl_soils_JULESAnnualMeeting_20200907v2b.pdf
Noah SmithThe case for explicitly modelling microtopography in permafrost landscapes PDF icon The case for explicitly modelling microtopography - Noah Smith - 08_09_2020 .pdf
Elizabeth CooperInfiltration processes in JULES PDF icon JULESmeeting.pdf
Srujana DonthulaThe soil water balance for 4 contrasting soil types as calculated by the Ogden et al. (2015) method PDF icon Srujana Donthula - JULES_Sep 2020_Soil Water Balance 0.5.pdf
Johanna ScheideggerDeveloping a groundwater flow model of the British mainland – challenges and progress to date PDF icon Scheidegger_UKMainland_2020_09_short.pdf

Group Discussion
- Soil Ancillaries

     Session 3: Hydrology (chair Andy Wiltshire, question convenor Elizabeth Cooper) 
Eleanor BlythUpdate on the JULES website
Simon DadsonA reduced-complexity model of fluvial inundation configured for use with JULES in the UK
Toby MarthewsValidation of inundation prediction from JULES-CaMa-Flood global land surface simulations PDF icon 20200909_Marthews_river inundation.pdf
Doug ClarkDeveloping the representation of standing water, inundation and river routing in JULES PDF icon Clark_inundation.pdf
Markus TodtIrrigation in JULES land-only simulations over South and East Asia PDF icon TodtMarkus_JULES_Science_Meeting_20200909.pdf
Hsi-Kai ChouHydrological modelling of south America headwater catchments with JULES PDF icon 20200909 JULES (Hsi-Kai).pdf
Sarah CollinsIncluding groundwater flow in the JULES LSM – an update PDF icon Collins_GlobalGW_2020_09_09 - Core photo.pdf
Garry HaymanObserved and Modelled Soil Moisture Response Times in North East Brazil
Marcus BuechelAchieving Net Zero: Understanding the Potential Hydrological Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Cover in the UK PDF icon Hydro_JULES_09092020.pdf
Helen Baron

Including water resources management in JULES PDF icon Baron_Anthro (1).pdf


Group Discussion
- Getting your science into the model

     Session 4: Vegetation and Biogeochemistry (chair Doug Clark, question convenor Emma Robinson) 
Becky OliverIncorporating thermal acclimation of photosynthesis in JULES PDF icon JULES_meeting_100720-2.pdf
Rob KingVegetation “LST-Air Temperature” Stress in UKESM PDF icon JULES_2020_rpk.pdf
Aliénor LavergneImplementing stable carbon isotopes into JULES PDF icon JULES_meeting_2020_Lavergne_compressed.pdf
Colin PrenticeHow to model Leaf Economics
Mike WolffeParticulate Matter and Crop Yield Reductions on the North China Plain PDF icon MWolffe JULES presentation slides - PDF.pdf
Sarah ChadburnPeat accumulation in JULES PDF icon jules_peat_firstresults2.pdf
Huiyi YangDeveloping a new Winter wheat crop in JULES-Crop PDF icon JULES_Sicience_Meeting_HY.pdf
Eleanor BurkeCould the combined carbon and nitrogen permafrost feedback be negative?
Doug Kelley(de-)attributing meteorological drivers of unusual fire season - A Bayesian approach PDF icon Kelley_fire_Thursday_compressed.pdf
Chantelle BurtonFire in UKESM PDF icon ChantelleBurton.pdf
     Session 5: Framework, Benchmarking and Impacts (chair Eleanor Blyth, question convenor Tristan Quaife) 
Eleanor BlythHow many impacts should we be aiming for?
Karina WilliamsUpdate from the JULES-FACE working group PDF icon karinawilliams_jules-face-working-group_jules2020meeting.pdf
Thibault HallouinImplementation of a new blueprint for next generation land-surface and hydrological predictions PDF icon 20200911_jules_science_meeting_Hallouin-et-al.pdf
Camilla MathisonISIMIP JULES simulations PDF icon JULES_2020_CamillaMathison_ISIMIP.pdf
Heather Rumbold

Developing the next benchmarking system for JULES based on PDF icon jules_meeting_2020_HRumbold.pdf

Rachael TurtonQuestionnaire Feedback

Group Discussion:
- Hydrology, Biogeochemistry and Vegetation
- MIPS and impacts modelling
Feedback on Virtual Science Meeting

Eleanor BlythClosing Remarks


JULES Science Meeting 22-23rd July 2019, Univ. Edinburgh.


Eleanor BlythIntro to meeting (welcome, logistics, etc)
     Session 1 (Eleanor Blyth) 
Emma Robinson / Sébastien GarriguesEvaluation of the JULES dual-source energy balance: impact on evapotranspiration over semi-arid and Mediterranean sites PDF icon 1_JULES_meeting_ERobinson.pdf
Richard EsseryDecadal snow cover trends in response to precipitation and temperature forcing PDF icon 2_JULES_meeting_REssery.pdf
Robert KingModelling Sub-Canopy Temperature Profiles PDF icon 3_JULES_meeting_RKing.pdf
Simon DadsonHydro-JULES: Next Generation Land-surface and Hydrological Predictions PDF icon 4_JULES_meeting_SDadson_Hydro-JULES.pdf
Azin WrightSoil Moisture Stress on Vegetation in JULES-Sinclair PDF icon 5_JULES_meeting_AWright.pdf
Kate HalladayLand surface parameter sensitivity of tropical forest hydrological cycle in a perturbed parameter ensemble PDF icon 6_JULES_meeting_KHalladay.pdf
     Session 2 (Richard Essery) 
Aliénor LavergneModelling historical changes in the water use efficiency of plants and ecosystems with different vegetation models PDF icon 1_JULES_meeting_ALavergne.pdf
Rafael RosolemFrom bedrock to boundary layer: Evaluating new JULES groundwater parameterisation PDF icon 2_JULES_meeting_RRosolem.pdf
Eleanor BurkeConfiguration and evaluation of a northern high latitude version of JULES PDF icon 3_JULES meeting_EBurke.pdf
Sarah ChadburnRepresenting peatlands in JULES PDF icon 4_JULES_meeting_SChadburn.pdf
Garry HaymanAtmospheric Dry Deposition in JULES PDF icon 5_JULES_meeting_GHayman.pdf
Frederick Otu-LarbiEffect of Summer 2018 Heatwave and Drought on Isoprene Emissions in a Mixed Decidous UK Forest PDF icon 6_JULES_meeting_FOtu-Larbi.pdf
     JLMP and supported JULES configurations (Andy Wiltshire) 
Eleanor Blyth / Andy WiltshireIntroduction to the Joint Land Modelling Programme PDF icon 1_JULES_meeting_EBlyth_AWiltshire_JLMP_MO.pdf
Pier Luigi VidaleGlobal Land PDF icon 2_JULES_meeting_PLVidale_Global_Configurations.pdf
Andy WiltshireEarth System Update PDF icon 3_JULES_meeting_AWiltshire_JULES-ES.pdf
Doug ClarkUK Hydrology PDF icon 4_JULES_meeting_DClark_UK_config.pdf
Tristan QuaifeEvaluation / Benchmarking PDF icon 5_JULES_meeting_TQuaife.pdf
Patrick McGuireSystems / Platforms PDF icon 6_JULES_meeting_PMcGuire_JLMP_Platforms_Systems.pdf
Chantelle BurtonJULES-ES + fire PDF icon 7_JULES_meeting_CBurton_JULES-ES+fire.pdf
     Session 3 (Tristan Quaife) 
Cécile MénardJULES configurations or 800 ways to make a mistake PDF icon 1_JULES_meeting_CMenard_Edinburgh.pdf
Maggie HendryAn update on urban plans and making JULES friendly PDF icon 2_JULES_meeting_MHhendry.pdf
Taraka Davies-BarnardBiological Nitrogen Fixation in JULES
Michael WolffeMegacity Air Pollution and Food Security PDF icon 4_JULES_meeting_MWolffe.pdf
Rob ParkerExploring Constraints on Wetland Methane Emission Ensemble with GOSAT PDF icon 5_JULES_meeting_RParker_CH4_wetlands.pdf
     JPEG focus session (Debbie Hemming) 
Debbie HemmingJPEG overview PDF icon 1_JULES_meeting_DHemming_JPEG.pdf
Anna Harper

Soil moisture stress PDF icon 2_JULES_meeting_AHarper_SMStress.pdf

Simon DadsonInundation in JULES PDF icon 4_JULES_meeting_SDadson_Inundation.pdf
Doug KelleyTree mortality PDF icon 3_JULES_meeting_DKelley_compressed.pdf
EveryoneDiscussion: Next steps for current JPEGs, proposal of future JPEGs
     Session 4 (Anna Harper) 
Darren SlevinEvaluating JULES and INLAND C fluxes using GEM/LBA data PDF icon 1_JULES_meeting_DSlevin.pdf
Tristan QuaifeModelling Solar Induced Fluorescence from JULES PDF icon 2_JULES_meeting_TQuaife.pdf
Ewan PinningtonData Assimilation with JULES PDF icon 3_JULES_meeting_EPinnington.pdf
Karina WilliamsCrop modelling with JULES PDF icon 4_JULES_meeting_KWilliams.pdf
Emma LittletonJULES-BE: Representation of bioenergy cropping, harvests and forest management PDF icon 5_JULES_meeting_ELittleton.pdf
 Closing words  / depart
     JULES Training Session run by Carolina Duran Rojas 


JULES Science Meeting 4-6th September 2018, Harper Adams University (HAU) and the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR).


There was a site visit to BIFoR at the end of the first day of the Science Meeting.

     Joint Land Modelling Programme (JLMP) and Supported JULES configurations 
Rob King / Chris Jones / Eleanor BlythIntroduction to meeting
Eleanor Blyth / Andy WiltshireJULES governance and organisation, and the new Joint Land Modelling Programme PDF icon JLMP_Intro.pdf
Pier Luigi VidaleConfigurations 1. JULES global physical configuration PDF icon JULES physical configurations-compressed.pdf
Eleanor BlythConfigurations 2. JULES Configuration for the UK PDF icon SummaryCHESSII.pdf
Andy WiltshireConfigurations 3. JULES Earth System Configuration: JULES-ES PDF icon AndyW_JULES-ES.pdf
Tristan QuaifeJLMP and Evaluation Tools PDF icon JLMP_Evaluation_Tools_ESR.pdf
Margaret HendryMeta data consolidation in rose suites for JULES PDF icon 20180904_maggiehendry_tue2.2.pdf
Chris JonesJULES in UKESM1: an example of supported configurationPDF icon ChrisJ_UKESM1_JULES_2018.pdf
 Visit to the BIFoR FACE facility
Robert KingUsing Satellite LST as a Biome Resilience Measure PDF icon JULES_2018_rob_king.pdf
Shugong WangLIS-JULES benchmarking in the NLDAS Framework PDF icon LIS-JULES benchmarking in the NLDAS Framework (V2).pdf
Patrick McGuireSimulating Global and Local Land Surface Processes with JULES on the CEDA JASMIN Super-data-cluster link
Doug KelleyOptimising tile and bare soil albedo using Bayesian inference PDF icon albedo_JULES_2018.pdf
Hyeri KimResponse of JULES to urban parameters at a high-rise residential area in Korea PDF icon JULESmeeting_Sep2018_HyeriKim.pdf
Karina Williams

Revisiting the First ISLSCP Field Experiment to evaluate water stress in JULES 5.0 PDF icon karinawilliams_fife_wednesday_jules2018meeting.pdf

Camilla MathisonProgress towards simulating integrated impacts for South Asia Implementing sequential cropping in JULES PDF icon JULES_multicrop_presentation.pdf
Heesook JiImprovement of river water storage in JULES using high resolution river-routing scheme PDF icon JULESmeeting_TRIP_f.pdf
Simon DadsonIntroduction to Hydro-JULES PDF icon dadson_Hydro-JULES_050918.pdf
Hilary FordModelling and evaluation of forest ecosystem responses to elevated CO2 using land surface process models PDF icon HF JULES conf SEPT 2018_edit.pdf
Huiyi YangWinter Wheat in JULES-Crop PDF icon HuiyiYang_Wwheat_c.pdf
Simon JonesNon-Structural Carbohydrates in JULES PDF icon Simon_Jones_NSC.pdf
Sarah ChadburnMethane emission from wetlands PDF icon chadburn_JULESmtg_2018_noextra.pdf
Kirsti AshworthStrong sesquiterpene emissions from Amazon soils PDF icon Ashworth_SoilSQTs.pdf
Garry HaymanAtmospheric Dry Deposition in JULES PDF icon JULES_Deposition_Hayman_20180905.pdf
Colin PrenticeSteps towards a next-generation land surface model PDF icon Prentice JULES 2018a.pdf
Toby MarthewsA global scale evaluation of extreme events in the eartH2Observe project PDF icon 180905.Marthews_E2O_slides.pdf
Sarah ShannonGlobal glacier volume projections under high-end climate change scenarios PDF icon ShannonJULES2018NoNotes.pdf
Richard BettsProjected impacts of climate change on large-scale water resources at 1.5°C, 2°C and 4°C global warming PDF icon betts_JULES_impacts_1p5_2_4.pdf
Edward Comyn-PlattJULES-IMOGEN and the Paris targets: A story of feedbacks, mitigation and inversion PDF icon EddyComynPlatt_JULES_AGM_2018_CLIFFTOP-CLUES-MOC1.5.pdf
Pier Luigi VidaleIncreased water-use efficiency and reduced CO2 uptake by plants during droughts at a continental-scale.
     JULES Process Evaluation Group (JPEG) focus session 
Doug KelleyIntroduction to JPEGs
Karina WilliamsSoil moisture stress JPEG: Soil moisture stress on vegetation in JULES PDF icon karinawilliam_jpeg_thursday_jules2018meeting-compressed.pdf
Pier Luigi VidaleSoil moisture stress JPEG: Sensitivity of plant water stress to the definition of global soil minerals and soil physical parameters
Colin PrenticeSoil moisture stress JPEG: Quantifying soil moisture impacts on light use efficiency across biomes PDF icon Prentice JULES 2018b.pdf
Cleiton EllerSoil moisture stress JPEG: Modelling the responses of vegetation to drought with a Stomatal Optimization model based on Xylem hydraulics PDF icon wag_slides.pdf
Rich EllisOffline/online JPEG: Understanding differences in JULES-UKESM offline vs online
Doug KelleyVegetation JPEG: Biases in vegetation distribution and bare soil PDF icon Veg_JPEG_JULES_2018-compressed.pdf
EveryoneDiscussion: Proposal of future JPEGs, next steps for current JPEGs
 Closing words


JULES Science Meeting 26-28th June 2017, Met Office Exeter

The 2017 JULES Science Meeting was followed by a JULES-Rose training course, which included hands-on training in the use and development of JULES.

     Overview and technical 
Richard EsseryModule overview: Surface
Anne VerhoefModule overview: Hydrology PDF icon Talk_2_module_2_Verhoef.pdf
Anna HarperModule overview: Vegetation PDF icon Talk_3_module_3_Harper.compressed.pdf
Sarah ChadburnModule overview: Biogeochemistry PDF icon Talk_4_module_4_Chadburn.pdf
Gerd FolberthModule overview: Biogenic fluxes PDF icon Talk_5_Module_5_Folberth.pdf
Eleanor BlythModule overview: Evaluation PDF icon Talk_6_module_6_Blyth.pdf
Kerry Smout-DayModule overview: Technical PDF icon Talk_7_Module_7_Smout-Day.pdf
Martin BestWhat to do if you have a question about JULES PDF icon Talk_8_Technical_1_Best.pdf
Andy WiltshireGetting your science into the Unified Model and part of the weather, climate and earth system models PDF icon Talk_9_technical_2_Wiltshire.pdf
Chris JonesThe CSSP-Brazil project PDF icon Talk_1_overview_1_Jones.pdf
Jenn BrookeLIAISE: Land surface Interactions with the Atmosphere over the Iberian Semi-arid Environment PDF icon Talk_2_overview_2_Brooke.pdf
Kate HalladayThe JULES integrated impacts configuration PDF icon Talk_3_overview_3_Halladay.pdf
Helen JohnsonRepresenting the snow darkening effect of black carbon within the JULES land surface model PDF icon Talk_4_surface_1_Johnson.pdf
Rachael TurtonModelling the radiation balance of sparse forests with JULES PDF icon Talk_5_surface_2_Turton.pdf
Eleanor BlythVertical structure of the land cover and its importance in energy exchanges with the atmosphere PDF icon Talk_6_surface_3_Blyth.pdf
Edward Comyn-PlattUsing JULES-IMOGEN to prescribe an emission/uptake pathway to the COP21 targets of 2°C and 1.5°C of warming PDF icon Talk_1_Vegetation_1_Comyn_Platt.pdf
Alex RapQuantifying the natural aerosol diffuse radiation fertilisation effect on plant productivity PDF icon Talk_2_Vegetation_2_Rap.pdf
Felix LeungQuantify the impact of ozone on crops productivity using land surface model PDF icon Talk_3_vegetation_3_Leung.pdf
Peter CookModelling the changing water balance in West Africa PDF icon Talk_4_Hydrology_1_Cook.pdf
Huqiang ZhangImpacts of Land-Surface Initialisation on ACCESS Intraseasonal and Seasonal Forecasts PDF icon Talk_5_hydrology_2_Zhang.pdf
Emily BlackUsing JULES to provide seasonal forecasts of soil moisture deficit PDF icon Talk_6_hydrology_3_Black.pdf
Rafael RosolemAre we over-complicating our models? Towards a more efficient and robust representation of sub-surface hydrological processes in Earth System Models PDF icon Talk_1_hydrology_4_Rosolem.pdf
Chloé LargeronUsing JULES to simulate infiltration and surface runoff in situations of intense rainfall PDF icon Talk_2_hydrology_5_Largeron.pdf
Sebastien GarriguesUncertainties in simulated evapotranspiration from land surface models over a 14-year Mediterranean crop succession PDF icon Talk_3_hydrology_6_Garrigues.pdf
Huw LewisTales from the JULES river bank PDF icon Talk_4_hydrology_7_Lewis.pdf
Toby MarthewsJULES river routing and wetland inundation PDF icon 170627_Exeter_River routing.pdf
Simon DadsonRiver discharge across Africa under present-day and mid-Holocene conditions
Doug ClarkDevelopment of JULES in the UKESM and LOCATE projects PDF icon Talk_1_Biogeochemistry_1_clark.pdf
Anita GanesanSimulated δ13CH4 from high-latitude wetlands PDF icon Talk_2_Biogeochemistry_2_Ganesan.pdf
Sarah ChadburnPermafrost methane emissions: detailed site-level evaluation PDF icon Talk_3_Biogeochemistry_3_Chadburn.pdf
Eleanor BurkePermafrost nitrogen interactions in JULES PDF icon Talk_4_Biogeochemistry_4_Burke.pdf
T. Davis-BarnardEffects of ‘natural’ to ‘geoengineered’ nitrogen deposition on the carbon cycle PDF icon Talk_5_Biogeochemistry_5_Davis-Barnard.pdf
Garry HaymanPerformance of the JULES land surface model for UK Biogenic VOC emissions PDF icon Talk_6_Biogeochemistry_6_Hayman.pdf
Chantelle BurtonInteractive INFERNO PDF icon Talk_1_BGC_7_Burton.pdf
Douglas KelleyJULES-INFERNO in the Fire Model Intercomparison Project PDF icon Talk_2_Evaluation_1_Kelley.compressed.pdf
Richard EsseryJULES performance in ESM-SnowMIP PDF icon Talk_3_Evalution_2_Essery.pdf
Heather RumboldEvaluating and benchmarking land surface models PDF icon Talk_4_evaluation_3_Rumbold.pdf
Alberto Martínez de la TorreEvaluation of dry-down processes of global models (hydrological and LSMs) using flux tower evapotranspiration data PDF icon Talk_5_evaluation_4_Martinez.pdf
Darren SlevinEvaluating GPP at regional and global scales PDF icon Talk_6_evaluation_5_Slevin.pdf
     JULES Progress Evaluation Groups (JPEGs)File JPEG_Session_JULESmeeting_280617.docx File InterestedPeople.docx
Martin BestIntroduction & session aims PDF icon JPEG_Session_JULESWorkshop_280616_1_Best.pdf
Karina WilliamsJPEG on soil moisture stress on vegetation PDF icon update_soil_moisture_stress_on_veg.pdf (also see here)
Sean MiltonGlobal, regional & linking with GC developments PDF icon JULES-Science-PEG-2017_SMilton.pdf
Alistair SellarKey aspects of land surface model for UKESM PDF icon JPEG_Session_JULESWorkshop_280616_4_Sellar.pdf
Debbie HemmingSummary of email survey & 2016 workshop - JULES process issues & biases PDF icon JPEG_Session_JULESWorkshop_280616_5_Hemming.pdf
Breakout groups and discussion led by Debbie HemmingResults have been posted by Debbie H here


JULES Science Meeting 28-29th June 2016, Univ. Lancaster

The 2016 JULES Science Meeting was followed by the JULES Short Course, which included hands-on training in the use of JULES. Lancaster was a new venue for the meeting, with the aspiration that it would catalyse fresh links with the land surface community working at the Lancaster Environment Centre and CEH Lancaster, as well as providing an update on recent developments and applications of JULES.

     Configurations and Overview 
Doug ClarkJULES Update PDF icon Doug_Clark_JULES_2016_update.pdf
Richard GilhamTools for JULES (Toby: this was a combination of this video and some of this tutorial text)
Chris JonesMIPS and iLAMB PDF icon Chris_Jones_JULES_2016_MIPs.pdf
Anna HarperThe JULES Earth System Configuration for UKESM PDF icon Anna_Harper_JULES_2016_ESM.pdf
Colin PrenticeTowards a universal model for ecosystem - atmosphere carbon and water exchanges PDF icon Colin_Prentice_JULES_2016_universal.pdf
     Vegetation and Disturbance 
Ning DongBiophysical homoestasis of leaf temperature: a neglected process for vegetation and land surface PDF icon Ning_Dong_JULES_2016_LeafT.pdf
Stephane MangeonINFERNO, an interactive fire and emission scheme now integrated in JULES PDF icon Stephane_Mangeon_JULES_2016_INFERNO-1-10.pdfPDF icon Stephane_Mangeon_JULES_2016_INFERNO-11-20.pdf
Alex RapPlant productivity response to diffuse radiation changes caused by secondary organic aerosol PDF icon Alex_Rap_JULES_2016_SOA.pdf
Tom PughDisturbance, mortality and turnover in global vegetation modelling PDF icon Tom_Pugh_JULES_2016_disturbance.pdf
Juhan ParkEstimation of forest thinning effects by reduction of leaf area index in JULES LSM PDF icon Juhan_Park_JULES_2016_thinning.pdf
     Crops and Ecosystem Strategies 
Karina WilliamsRecent developments in JULES crop PDF icon Karina_Williams_JULES_2016_crop.pdf
Felix LeungQuantifying the impact of ozone on crops productivity at regional scale using JULES-crop PDF icon Felix_Leung_JULES_2016_ozone.pdf
Rebecca OliverEuropean carbon sink strength reduced by plant ozone damage PDF icon Ozone_JULES_rfu.pdf
Debbie HemmingResults from the first year of leaf/twig trait observations and ecosystem monitoring compared with site specific JULES runs at Mill Haft, the BIFoR experimental woodland in Staffordshire PDF icon Debbie_Hemming_JULES_2016_BIFoR.pdf
Elisa StefaniakExploring ecosystem investment strategies PDF icon Elisa_Stefaniak_JULES_2016_investment.pdf
Jessica DaviesIntegrating carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus plant-soil cycling for semi-natural systems
     Soil/Urban Processes including impacts on carbon 
Pier Luigi VidaleOn the treatment of soil water stress in GCM simulations of vegetation physiology PDF icon beta_jules_mtng_vidale_jun16.compressed-1-11.pdfPDF icon beta_jules_mtng_vidale_jun16.compressed-12-15.pdfPDF icon beta_jules_mtng_vidale_jun16.compressed-16-22.pdfPDF icon beta_jules_mtng_vidale_jun16.compressed-23-28.pdf
Sarah ChadburnDetailed evaluation of high latitude carbon cycle processes in JULES PDF icon Sarah_Chadburn_JULES_2016_highlat.pdf
Mostaquimur RahmanInfluence of chalk hydrology on land surface processes in the UK PDF icon Mostaquimur_Rahman_JULES_2016_chalk.pdf
Heather AshtonThe impact of high resolution soil on surface fluxes in JULES PDF icon Heather_Ashton_JULES_2016_soil.pdf
     Application of JULES 
Toby MarthewsWhat JULES can tell us about change in the Horn of Africa bimodal rainfall region in 2014 PDF icon Toby_Marthews_JULES_2016_aceafrica.pdf
Peter CookThe current and future water balance of West-Africa with focus on Northern Ghana and Burkina Faso PDF icon Peter_Cook_JULES_2016_water.pdf
Garry HaymanDeposition: Linking the land surface and atmospheric composition PDF icon Garry_Hayman_JULES_2016_deposition.pdf
Sanita Vetra-CarvalhoSmart data assimilation with JULES in EMPIRE PDF icon Sanita_VetraCarvalho_JULES_2016_empire.pdf


JULES Science Meeting 30th June - 1st July 2015, Univ. Reading

H. AshtonEvaluation of the CHESS data within JULES for UK Environmental Prediction PDF icon ashton.pdf
J. BrookeEvaluating the Unified Model and JULES simulated land surface temperature (LST) using a multi-platform approach PDF icon brooke.pdf
E. BurkePermafrost climate feedback - an application of vertically discretised soil carbon PDF icon burke.pdf
S. ChadburnVertically discretised soil carbon in JULES PDF icon chadburn.pdf
S. DadsonRiver Flow and Inundation in African Rivers PDF icon dadson.pdf
R. EsseryNew Benchmarks for Snow PDF icon essery.pdf
N. GedneyDetecting solar dimming in observed river flow PDF icon gedney.pdf
A. HarperJULES biogeochemistry: Update on model developments PDF icon harper.pdf
A. HarperLearning from the 2010 Drought in Amazonia PDF icon harper_amazon.pdf
G. HaymanJULES and Atmospheric Deposition PDF icon hayman.pdf
D. HemmingThe BIFoR woodland FACE experiment - opportunities to evaluate and improve JULES PDF icon hemming.compressed.pdf
P. HopcroftWhat can we learn from simulations of the last ice age with JULES PDF icon hopcroft.pdf
H. JohnsonThe dependence of land-atmosphere interactions on atmospheric parametrizations in the JULES/UM modelling system PDF icon johnson.pdf
S. KumarLand surface modeling and data assimilation with the NASA Land Information System (LIS) PDF icon kumar.pdf
F. LeungQuantifying the impacts of tropospheric ozone on crop production at regional scale using JULES-Crop PDF icon leung.pdf
J. LloydSoils and tropical vegetation structure PDF icon lloyd.pdf
T. MarthewsThe 2014 drought in the Horn of Africa: attribution of meteorological drivers PDF icon marthews.pdf
C. MénardMeteorological forcing, ancillary data and evaluation methods as sources of errors and uncertainty in JULES PDF icon menard.pdf
P. PeylinRecent evolutions of ORCHIDEE, progress toward a 3rd generation land surface model PDF icon peylin.pdf
M. PryorJULES releases: Overview of JULES developments since the last meeting PDF icon pryor.pdf
E. RobinsonMAJIC: Expanding access to JULES PDF icon robinson.pdf
S. ShannonModelling glaciers in the JULES Integrated Impacts Model (JIM) PDF icon shannon.pdf
A. VerhoefA closer look at skin layer heat transfer in the surface energy balance PDF icon verhoef.pdf
G. WeedonCross-spectral evaluation of JULES energy fluxes and soil moisture using half-hourly observations at the Met Office Research Unit, Cardington Bedfordshire PDF icon weedon-1-16.pdfPDF icon weedon-17-32.pdf


JULES Science Meeting 1st-2nd July 2014, Univ. Leicester

S. R. ArnoldTropospheric ozone impacts on Eurasian ecosystems and climate forcing PDF icon Arnold.pdf
E. BurkeJULES and permafrost PDF icon Burke.pdf
S. ChadburnA new JULES version with improved physical processes in the Arctic PDF icon Chadburn.pdf
D. ClarkUpdate on JULES-ECOSSE-FUN PDF icon Clark.pdf
T. Davies-BarnardQuantifying the relative importance of natural and anthropogenic land cover changes in the Representative Concentration Pathways PDF icon Davies-Barnard.pdf
R. EsseryPersistence of snow in forests and clearings PDF icon Essery.pdf
R. Gilham50 Shades of Clay- JULES gets Soil Tiled PDF icon Gilham.pdf
A. HarperJULES: New plant functional types, vegetation dynamics and drought impacts PDF icon Harper.compressed-1-11.pdfPDF icon Harper.compressed-12-19.pdfPDF icon Harper.compressed-20-26.pdf
M. JohnsonEvaluating DGVM performance for the Amazon basin with new baseline maps of tropical forest properties PDF icon Johnson.pdf
T. JuppFitting the seasonal cycle with adJULES PDF icon Jupp.pdf
J. KadukAnalytical determination of the carbon cycle equilibrium in coupled climate and carbon cycle models PDF icon Kaduk.pdf
H. LewisUK Environmental Prediction PDF icon Lewis.pdf
R. MacKenzieA new multi-disciplinary institute of forest research and a new ten-year+ experiment in environmental resilience...potential for future collaborative work PDF icon MacKenzie.pdf
A. Manrique-SuñénPhotosynthesis limiting regimes PDF icon Manrique-Sunen.pdf
L. PapadimitriouJULES validation and flux partitioning for large-scale basins PDF icon Papadimitriou.pdf
M. Pryor (presented by R. Gilham)JULES versions PDF icon Pryor.pdf
T. QuaifeAssimilating EO data into JULES PDF icon Quaife.pdf
A. RapDeforestation fires increase Amazon forest productivity through changes to diffuse radiation PDF icon Rap.pdf
R. RosolemIt is now possible to measure soil moisture at sub-kilometer scale using cosmic-­ray neutrons PDF icon Rosolem.compressed.pdf
H. WangModelling carbon dioxide flux at an intensively cultivated lowland peatland in East Anglia, UK PDF icon Wang.pdf
K. WilliamsJULES-crop - A generic parametrisation of crops in JULES PDF icon Williams.pdf
D. T. YoungRepresenting urban vegetation in weather and climate models PDF icon Young.pdf


JULES Science Meeting 19-20th June 2013, Univ. Edinburgh

 Meeting theme: "Forest Processes".

Matt Pryor, Martin Best, Richard Essery, Nic Gedney, Oliver Wild, Lina Mercado, Tom Osborne, Stephen Sitch, Mat WilliamsModule overviews PDF icon modules.pdf
Gianpaolo BalsamoForest Processes and Land Surface Tiling in the ECMWF model PDF icon Balsamo.pdf
Paul BartlettModelling snow with CLASS – a Canadian perspective PDF icon Bartlett.pdf
Juliane OttoForest and albedo in ORCHIDEE PDF icon Otto.pdf
Richard EsseryMasking of snow albedo by forests in JULES and other models PDF icon Essery.pdf
Cécile MénardUsing JULES to understand the SMOS freeze/thaw product over a boreal landscape PDF icon Menard.compressed.pdf
Anne VerhoefOn the treatment of soil water stress in LSM simulations of vegetation function PDF icon Verhoef.pdf
Darren SlevinConstraining JULES phenology using MODIS data - an evaluation at multiple FLUXNET sites PDF icon Slevin.pdf
Chris JonesForests in JULES: sinks, spaghetti and spots PDF icon Jones.pdf
Andrea Manrique-SuñénJULES and CTESSEL: Representing carbon and energy fluxes in forests PDF icon ManriqueSunen.pdf
Mat WilliamsGlobal Data Assimilation for the Carbon Cycle: challenges, progress and the future PDF icon Williams.pdf
Stephen SitchR.E.D. - Robust Ecosystem Demography Model: A New DGVM PDF icon Sitch.pdf
Allan SpessaEvaluating the Coupled Dynamic Vegetation‐Fire‐Emissions Model, LPJ‐GUESS‐SPITFIRE, against EO‐based Tropical Tree Biomass Data: Results and Implications for JULES PDF icon Spessa.pdf
Richard GilhamFire in JULES - first steps PDF icon Gilham.pdf
Toby MarthewsThe TOPMODEL Topographic Index In JULES PDF icon Marthews.pdf
Heather AshtonThe implementation of lateral flows in stand alone JULES PDF icon Ashton.pdf
Graham WeedonA spectral approach to assessing JULES performance: case study of late twentieth century discharge from the Thames Basin PDF icon Weedon.pdf


JULES Science Meeting 17-18th December 2012, Univ. Exeter

Simon DadsonUsing JULES to look at processes in, and impacts of, African wetlands PDF icon Dadson.pdf
Nataliya BulyginaAdapting JULES for groundwater dominated catchments PDF icon Bulygina.pdf
Emily BlackICWALPA: Integrated Carbon, Water and Land Management for Poverty Alleviation PDF icon Black.compressed.pdf
Rutger DankersISI-MIP: new results from the latest intercomparison experiment PDF icon Dankers.pdf
Margriet GroenendijkAtmospheric constraints on plant water use efficiency in JULES PDF icon Groenendijk.pdf
Zed ZulkafliLarge-scale hydrological modelling of the Peruvian Amazon basin PDF icon Zulkafli.pdf
Eddy RobertsonJULES-ES configuration PDF icon Robertson.pdf
Heather AshtonThe development of a coupled surface water inundation modelling system PDF icon Ashton.pdf
Federica PacificoImplementation of a biogenic isoprene scheme into JULES and its evaluation PDF icon Federica.compressed.pdf
Homan WongGeometric series solution to solve the spin-up problem of first-order based soil organic matter models PDF icon Homan.pdf
Eleanor Blyth, Declan FinneyNew representation of soil freezing in JULES: impact on river in Siberia PDF icon Finney.pdf
Tim Jupp, Cat LukeParameter estimation using ADJULES PDF icon Jupp.pdf
Steve HancockUsing EO data to test JULES phenology PDF icon Hancock.compressed.pdf
Douglas ClarkNew representations of C and N processes in JULES (ECOSSE and FUN) PDF icon Clark.pdf
Anna HarperExploring the representation of PFTs in JULES PDF icon Harper.compressed.pdf


JULES Science Meeting 12-13th January 2012, Univ. Reading

Martin BestJULES as a community model and land surface scheme for weather / climate models PDF icon best.pdf
Richard BettsUsing JULES for impacts assessment to underpin UK and international climate policy PDF icon betts.pdf
Emily Black, Marie-Estelle Demory, Pier Luigi VidaleCanopy Interception in JULES PDF icon black.pdf
Eleanor BlythAssessing the fidelity of the water balance of the JULES model at a 1km gridded scale across the UK PDF icon blyth.pdf
Eleanor BurkeImpact of permafrost carbon release on global temperature PDF icon burke.pdf
David GalbraithUsing JULES to evaluate the ecosystem dynamics of Amazonian rainforests PDF icon galbraith.pdf
Raquel García, Anne Verhoef, Pier Luigi VidaleApplication of JULES for the assessment of the CO2 mitigation potential of horizontal GCHP PDF icon garcia.pdf
Steve HancockGlobsnow and JULES PDF icon hancock.pdf
Richard HardingJULES and the Terrestrial Global Water Cycle PDF icon harding.pdf
Chris HuntingfordIMOGEN - A quick update PDF icon huntingford.pdf
Jason LoweApplying climate science to stakeholder needs PDF icon lowe.pdf
Mark McCarthyApplying JULES in Urban areas PDF icon mccarthy.pdf
Tom OsborneJULES-crop PDF icon osborne.pdf
Andy WiltshireThe JULES impacts configuration PDF icon wiltshire.pdf


JULES Workshop June 2011, Univ. Exeter

The JULES meeting in June 2011 was conceived as a workshop dedicated to "Identifying and solving systematic errors in JULES". The first day consisted of a series of presentations introducing what are considered to be some of the larger systematic issues with JULES, followed by breakout discussion groups to brainstorm possible solutions. The second day was more practical, with the morning session being spent in the University of Exeter's computer labs trying out potential solutions using JULES (via the R interface developed by Tim Jupp and Cat Luke at the University of Exeter). The meeting concluded with a plenary session where the breakout groups reported back on the results of their experiments.

Peter CoxStructure and aims of the meeting
Chris JonesLand surface representation in HadGEM2-ES
Eleanor BlythJULES performance against benchmark sites
Pier Luigi VidaleJULES shortcomings for GCM applications
Eleanor BurkeSystematic errors over permafrost
Cécile MénardSystematic errors in snow
Tim Jupp, Cat LukeIntroduction to running JULES and ADJULES via R interface


JULES Science Meeting 12-13th January 2011, CEH Wallingford

     Soil Physics 
Anne VerhoefPrinciples of soil water and heat transfer in JULES PDF icon Verhoef.pdf
Richard EllisUsing satellite estimates of land surface temperature to assess the performance of the soil physics in JULES PDF icon Ellis.pdf
Rutger Dankers, Eleanor BurkePermafrost in JULES PDF icon Dankers.pdf
Jon EvansCOSMOS - a new way of measuring soil moisture at the intermediate scale PDF icon Evans.pdf
David RobinsonSoil Moisture Sequestration in Drylands: Ecosystem Engineering in Pinyon Juniper Woodland via Soil Water Repellency PDF icon Robinson.compressed.pdf
Raquel García GonzálezModelling soil heat and water flow as a coupled process PDF icon Garcia.pdf
Simon DadsonImpacts of Climate Change on Erosion, Sediment Transport and Soil Carbon in UK & Europe PDF icon Dadson.pdf
Patricia de RosnayUse of satellite data for land surface analysis at ECMWF PDF icon deRosnay.pdf
     Soil Carbon and Nitrogen 
Bridget EmmettDevelopment of Jules for soils/ecosystem research PDF icon Emmett.pdf
Andy WhitmoreGlobal Soil Organic Nitrogen PDF icon Whitmore.pdf
Neil CroutModel reduction and evaluation: methane emissions from soils PDF icon Crout.pdf
Matt PryorJULES benchmarking and discussion on I/O PDF icon Pryor.pdf
Mark RichardsJULES-ECOSSE methane model PDF icon Richards.pdf
Nic GedneyModelling large-scale wetland methane emissions PDF icon Gedney.pdf
Homan WongSpatial simulation of the impacts of climate change and land use change on soil carbon in ECOSSE in England and Wales PDF icon HomanWong.pdf
Andreas HeinemeyerModel inter-comparison of peat models PDF icon Heinemeyer.pdf


JULES Science Meeting 9-10th June 2010, Univ. Leeds

Olivier BoucherWelcome, meeting plan, introduction and updates PDF icon Boucher.pdf
Simon DadsonLinks between climate, hydrology and geomorphology PDF icon Dadson.pdf
Pier Luigi VidaleModelling soil heat and water flow as a coupled process PDF icon Vidale.pdf
Cécile MénardUpdate on snow theme/shrub expansion PDF icon Menard.pdf
Josh HookerJULES-crop PDF icon Hooker.pdf
Andy ChallinorHolistic approaches to modelling crop productivity PDF icon Challinor.pdf
Catherine Van den HoofEvaluation of the Suitability of the Land Surface Model JULES for Environmental Change Studies in Belgium PDF icon VandenHoof.compressed.pdf
Richard BettsJULES climate impacts PDF icon Betts.pdf
Matt PryorJULES development and benchmarking PDF icon Pryor.pdf
Ben BoothFrom observational metrics to constraints PDF icon Booth.pdf
Tim JuppCalibration of ADJULES PDF icon Jupp.pdf
Emanuel GloorTrends in airborne fraction of CO2
Simon LewisTropical forests and links to JULES
Toby MarthewsProductivity in cloud forests in the Andes PDF icon Marthews.compressed.pdf
Harry HarmensImpacts of ozone on vegetation: relevance for JULES
Kirsti AshworthBiogenic emissions with MEGAN


JULES Science Meeting 17-18th June 2009, Met Office Exeter

     Welcome and Introduction 
Olivier BoucherWelcome and housekeeping announcements
Richard BettsIntroduction to Impacts Theme
Nigel ArnellGlobal scale impacts
     Update on recent work in themes 
Mark McCarthy, Maggie HendryUrban
Stephen SitchPlant Physiology PDF icon Sitch.pdf
Tim WheelerCrops
Allan SpessaVegetation Dynamics PDF icon Spessa_Veg.pdf
Allan SpessaFires PDF icon Spessa_Fire.pdf
Richard EsserySnow cover PDF icon Essery.pdf
Eleanor BlythSurface Hydrology
Eleanor BlythSoil moisture and temperature
Pete SmithSoil carbon and nitrogen PDF icon Smith.pdf
Mat WilliamsData Assimilation
Tim JuppAdjoint of JULES
Matt PryorBenchmarking and JULES versions PDF icon Pryor.pdf

A large proportion of this meeting was given over to discussion groups. Richard Betts has assembled a document summarising the results of these discussions PDF icon JULES_Impacts_summary.pdf.


JULES Science Meeting 8-9th January 2009, Univ. Edinburgh

     Data Assimilation 
Marko ScholzeCCDAS PDF icon Scholze.pdf
Tris QuaifeAssimilating EO data into JULES PDF icon Quaife.pdf
Philippe CiaisModel data fusion with the ORCHIDEE model
David PearsonEstimation of Carbon Cycle Parameters in JULES PDF icon Pearson.pdf
Tim JuppThe adjoint of JULES
Mat WilliamsThe REFLEX experiment
Cécile MénardEffect of the new snow module on snow, runoff and soil temperatures PDF icon Menard.pdf
Simon DadsonEvaluation of regional simulations of snow cover over the Austrian Alps PDF icon Dadson.pdf
Andy WiltshireHigh resolution process modelling of a high latitude catchment PDF icon Wiltshire.compressed.pdf
Rosie FisherWhy vegetation modelling depends on luck PDF icon Fisher.pdf
John HughesImplementation of land cover changes… PDF icon Hughes.pdf
Richard BettsDoes Amazon die-back mean it is not worth reducing deforestation? PDF icon Betts.pdf
     Crop modelling 
Catherine Van den HoofProcess-based Crop Growth within the Land Surface Model JULES and Implications for Land-Atmosphere Exchange Processes PDF icon VandenHoof.pdf
Oliver SusModelling the phenology and carbon budget of major crops at the field scale, supported by remote sensing data PDF icon Sus.pdf
Josh HookerCoupling a dynamic crop model to JULES PDF icon Hooker.pdf
Tom OsborneCoupled crop-climate variability PDF icon Osborne.pdf


Second JULES Science Meeting 8-9th January 2008, CEH Wallingford

     Introduction to projects that involve JULES 
Rosie FisherQUERCC PDF icon 2008_Fisher_QUERCC.pdf
Juliette LathièreQUAAC PDF icon 2008_Lathiere_QUAAC.pdf
Richard HardingWATCH PDF icon 2008_Harding_WATCH.pdf
Chris TaylorAMMA PDF icon 2008_Taylor_AMMA.pdf
     Description of physics modules currently in JULES 
Martin BestSurface Exchange PDF icon 2008_Best.pdf
Richard EsserySnow Cover PDF icon 2008_Essery.pdf
Nic GedneySurface Hydrology and Soil Moisture & Temperature PDF icon 2008_gedney.pdf
Stephen SitchPlant Physiology PDF icon 2008_Sitch.pdf
Rosie FisherVegetation Dynamics PDF icon 2008_Fisher_TRIFFID.pdf
Pete SmithSoil carbon and Nitrogen PDF icon 2008_Smith.pdf
     Description of physics modules planned for JULES 
Tim WheelerCrop Modelling PDF icon 2008_Wheeler.pdf
Juliette LathièreBiogenic Fluxes PDF icon 2008_Lathiere.pdf
Colin PrenticeFire
Mathew WilliamsData Assimilation PDF icon 2008_Williams.pdf
     Science Talks 
Eleanor BlythBenchmarking for JULES PDF icon 2008_Blyth.pdf
Pier Luigi VidaleData requirements PDF icon 2008_Vidale.pdf
Rosie FisherED-JULES PDF icon 2008_Fisher_ED.pdf
Robert MuetzelfeldtRepresenting JULES in XML PDF icon 2008_Muetzelfeldt.pdf
Peter CoxWhat are the future big science questions for JULES? PDF icon 2008_Cox.pdf

Breakout discussion groups followed the final presentation.


First JULES Science Meeting 28-29th June 2007, Univ. Exeter

     General Session 
Olivier BoucherJULES Introduction PDF icon Boucher.pdf
Doug ClarkNew features in JULES version 2 PDF icon Clark.pdf
Ying Ping WangLand surface modelling for ACCESS in Australia PDF icon Wang.pdf
Eva KowalczykThe CSIRO Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) PDF icon Kowalczyk.pdf
Martin BestSurface exchange, Technical development and Validation PDF icon Best.pdf
Eleanor BlythModelling hydrology in JULES; past, present and future PDF icon Blyth.pdf
     Plant Physiology, Vegetation Dynamics and Crop Modelling 
Stephen SitchIntroduction - Plant Physiology, Vegetation Dynamics and Crop modelling PDF icon Sitch.pdf
Andrew ChallinorRoots, shoots and leaves: The origin of GLAM(-JULES) PDF icon Challinor.pdf
Tom OsborneIncorporating crop growth modelling into JULES PDF icon Osborne.pdf
Rosie FisherThe Ecosystem Demography model PDF icon Rosie_Fisher.pdf
David GalbraithVegetation Response to Drought PDF icon Galbraith.pdf
Lina MercadoPhotosynthesis/Light interception
Jörg KadukLarge scale green-up models determined from NDVI PDF icon Kaduk.pdf
Josh FisherModelling Plant Nitrogen PDF icon Josh_Fisher.pdf
     Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Biogenic fluxes 
Pete Smith, Oliver WildIntroduction
Chris Jones, Pete Falloon, Jo Smith, Kevin Coleman, Bente Foereid, Stephen Sitch, Andy WhitmoreProgress in coupling Soil C and N routines into JULES PDF icon Jones.pdf
Matt Aitkenhead, Bente Foereid, Jo Smith, Pete SmithTesting the soil C & N routines for use in JULES in the QUERCC project PDF icon Aitkenhead.pdf
Nick Ostle, Niall McNamara, Richard Bardgett, Eva Tregidgo, Margaret Glendining, Goetz RichterSoil C:N:P stoichiometry as a means to constrain decomposition PDF icon Ostle.pdf

Juliette Lathière

Modelling Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from the Terrestrial Biosphere PDF icon Lathiere.pdf
Paul YoungEffects of biogenic emissions on atmospheric composition PDF icon Young.pdf
Mhairi CoyleTrace Gas Deposition: The Land/Atmosphere Interface PDF icon Coyle.pdf
Allan SpessaIntroduction - Fire in the Earth System PDF icon Spessa.pdf
Veiko LehstenModeling Fire on the African continent (SPITFIRE in LPJ-GUESS) PDF icon Lehsten.pdf
Richard BettsDevelopment a prototype fire model for Hadley GCMs PDF icon Betts.pdf
Heiko BalzterFires in Russian forests PDF icon Balzter.pdf
Susan PageTropical Peatland Fires PDF icon Page.pdf
Oliver WildFires, Atmospheric Composition, and Earth System Feedbacks PDF icon Wild.pdf
Sergey VenevskyExperiments with SEVER-FIRE: Lessons for JULES fire modelling activities PDF icon Venevsky.pdf
     Snow and Hydrology 
Anne VerhoefThe effects of soil hydraulic/thermal parameter choice on JULES land surface fluxes and variables; field scale studies
Pier Luigi VidaleImpact of the land surface in modelling climate: The importance of soil physical parameters **LARGE**
Richard Essery, Martin Best, Cécile MénardJULES Snow Module Development PDF icon Essery.pdf
Andy WiltshireParameterising Heterogeneous Snowcover in JULES PDF icon Wiltshire.pdf
Chawn HarlowMicrowave radiative transfer in a snow pack: Models and experimental objectives for Cold Land Processes Experiment II PDF icon Harlow.pdf
Rita WaniaPeatlands and permafrost in LPJ-WHy PDF icon Wania.pdf
     Data assimilation 
Mathew WilliamsData assimilation in land surface schemes PDF icon Williams.pdf
Tristan QuaifeAssimilating canopy reflectance into an ecosystem model PDF icon Quaife.pdf


JULES Launch event 2nd October 2006, Univ. Reading

The meeting was attended by 60 scientists from across the UK (and one from the US). The morning saw examples of work and results by people who have used JULES. The afternoon was an overview of how senior scientists in the UK land surface modelling community see the development of JULES going over the next few years.

Eleanor Blyth (CEH, Wallingford)JULES overview PDF icon Blyth_JULES.pdf
Reto Stöckli (Colorado State Univ.)The validation of JULES against observational data PDF icon stockli_jules_workshop2_1.pdf
Lina Mercado (CEH)Radiation penetration through plant canopies PDF icon Lina_JULES.pdf
Andrew Wiltshire (Univ. Durham)Snow processes in JULES PDF icon Wiltshire_JULES.pdf
Richard Ellis (CEH)Global impact of seasonal to inter-annual LAI PDF icon Ellis_jules.pdf
Chris Jones (Met Office)The European carbon balance of the 20th Century PDF icon Jones_JULES.pdf
Colin Prentice (Univ. Bristol)An overview of QUEST and the QUEST-ESM
Ian Woodward (Univ. Sheffield)QUERCC and JULES PDF icon Woodward_JULES.pdf
Peter Cox (Univ. Exeter)The CLASSIC use of JULES PDF icon Cox_JULES.pdf
Richard Harding (CEH)JULES in CEH PDF icon Harding_JULES.pdf
Olivier Boucher (Met Office)JULES and the Met Office: future plans PDF icon BOUCHER_JULES.pdf
Richard Betts (Met Office)Use of JULES for impact studies PDF icon betts JULES impacts.pdf