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A brief description of the radiation-related processes in JULES

Surface albedos are specified either as single values for all bands with diagnosed snow albedos or spectral values with prognostic snow albedos.

All-band albedos

Bare soil albedos vary geographically with soil colour. Snow aging is represented by reducing the snow albedo when surface temperature exceeds –2 °C

Spectral albedos

The Sellers (1985) two-stream canopy radiation model is used for vegetation albedos in the optional spectral albedo scheme. Separate direct-beam and diffuse albedos in visible and near-infrared wave bands are calculated for each vegetation type.

Snow albedos are calculated using a simplification of the Marshall (1989) parametrization of the Wiscombe and Warren (1980) spectral snow albedo model. The aging of snow is characterized by introducing a prognostic grain size, set to a minimum value for fresh snow and limited to a maximum value.


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