JULES post processing

[copy of email 11-JUL-17 from D. Slevin to jules-users@lists.reading.ac.uk and jules@lists.reading.ac.uk]



On the JULES website, there is a section on analysis tools for JULES output which Toby Marthews has kindly set up. He has included a table with links to scripts/code from JULES users to make the processing of JULES output a bit easier. I supplied Toby with some python code which I wrote which will regrid the JULES output from a 1d array to a 2d grid using a binary search algorithm. It will regrid a global grid at 0.5 degree resolution (1 level data) in about 3-4 minutes and write the data to netcdf files. Please find a link to the website below.




I hope this helps.







Darren Slevin

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