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JULES Tip Of the Day

Helpful JULES Tip Of the Day (JTOD)




Rose UM-JULES tests

Please run the UM-JULES tests via...

...For Example...

rose stem --source=/path/to/UM/code --source=/path/to/your/jules/code --group=jules --new --name=vn10p6_jlsXXX

...where XXX is the ticket number. Note you can call it anything you want but I usually use this format.

Note the JULES code and the UM code need to be at the equivalent/joint releases, for example UM vn10.6 and JULES vn4.7.


I cannot copy a suite with `rosie go` , Rose complains about my password


This can be for several reasons, one of which is the username is case sensitive, please make sure that the `owner` in the `` file is for example kerryday and not KerryDay.

No trac.log has been produced by my rose stem run, why?

When you test your changes using `rose stem` to prove that your change does negatively impact the trunk code you will need to copy the `trac.log` from the `cylc-run/<rosestemtestname>/` directory.

If it does not appear that the `trac.log` has been created it is probably that the suite is still running as the file is only created once the suite has stopped.

Try `cylc gscan` to open the cylc summary GUI and then double click on the running suite and then you can investigate to why it is still running.

My rose stem test timeout occurred, how do I re-start it?

for example if you originally ran...

`rose stem --group=all --source=. --name=vn4p6_336`

to restart the rose stem tests run...

`rose stem --restart --group=all --source=. --name=vn4p6_336`


Using fcm to commit Rose suites back to the `u` repository

Firstly change into directory where your local copy of your Rose suite is.
Now check for local changes.
`$ fcm status`
If returns nothing then you have no local changes, if it returns...
M - modifications
D - deleted
A - added
...these are all okay and you can process to commit, however if it returns...
C - conflicts, these need to be resolved, try `$ fcm conflicts` and xxdiff to resolve them
? - you have files/directories that FCM does not know about, try sdding them using `$ fcm add <file/directory>`
! - you may have deleted a file/directory without using FCM, try `$ fcm rm-c  <file/directory>` to remove it from the repository
...once all of the issues are resolved you can commit your code back to the repository using...
`$ fcm commit`
This will bring up a text editor, add an appropriate message to reflect what you have done or how far you have got, save and accept the commit `y`.

The commit message information is part of the fcm repository/trac system and not part of the Rose suite. To add something to the Rose suite I would suggest that you add the information to the file under the Description section.

Please note that it may take 5-10 mins for your changes to appear in Rosie Go depending on your set-up so please be patient if they are not instantaneous.