You need to download and install JULES itself, which you do through FCM.


STEP 1: Where should you put JULES when you've got it?

On my system I put all my versions of JULES (and any other models I use) in a directory called ~/MODELS/, which I'm going to refer to as $M from now on (you can of course decide to put them elsewhere, in which case substitute that location for $M). So, from a terminal:
   mkdir ~/MODELS
   export M=$HOME/MODELS
   cd $M

By typing "ls $M" you can see which version(s) of JULES you already have on your system. Typically, you will have more than one version there.


STEP 2: Download

Download a version of JULES: either a trunk (released version) or a branch (version under development):

  • TRUNK: this command will download a copy of ('check out') a particular version of JULES for you (you need to replace the X.X with a revision number, which you can get from the list here) and place it in a subdirectory of $M called <DIR> (you need to substitute a meaningful name for <DIR>, e.g. "jules-vnX.X" would be fairly standard). If you omit the @vnX.X bit then it will download the latest ('head of trunk') version for you. 

   cd $M
   fcm co fcm:jules.x_tr@vnX.X <DIR>

(for example, something like "fcm co fcm:jules.x_tr@vn7.0 jules-vn7.0")

  • BRANCH: If you substitute in <USER> and <BRANCH_NAME> then the following command will check out a particular user's branch (you can see all of these on Browse Source on the JULES TRAC here) (I usually omit the <DIR> on the end here and accept the name it automatically assigns).

   cd $M
   fcm co fcm:jules.x_br/dev/<USER>/<BRANCH_NAME> <DIR>

(the keywords "fcm:jules.x_tr" and "fcm:jules.x_br" are short for "https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/svn/jules/main/trunk" and "https://code.metoffice.gov.uk/svn/jules/main/branches", respectively). For many more variations on these two commands, see e.g. Kerry Smout-Day's Quick Reference Guide.


** If you see a message about the password for the ‘authentication realm’ then DO NOT agree to store the password unencrypted: please check that your MOSRS password has been cached correctly **



Record the location of this version of JULES in an environment variable $JULES_ROOT: cd into the directory that appeared during the fcm command you used above
   cd <DIR>
   export JULES_ROOT=$PWD
   echo $JULES_ROOT
(it should work out that $JULES_ROOT contains the path $M/<DIR>).


Now go to my JULES FROM SCRATCH tutorial and follow the steps in the pdf at the bottom to run my first example (Loobos).